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• Is GhostEmperor Back? Sygnia Finds Clues in Recent Cyber Incident Security Week 07/24/24
• Organizations Warned of Exploited Twilio Authy Vulnerability Security Week 07/24/24
• 57,000 Patients Impacted by Michigan Medicine Data Breach Security Week 07/24/24
• Siemens Patches Power Grid Product Flaw Allowing Backdoor Deployment Security Week 07/24/24
• Verizon Subsidiary Settles With FCC for $16M Over Three Data Breaches Security Week 07/24/24
• Vanta Raises $150 Million at $2.45 Billion Valuation Security Week 07/24/24
• Chrome 127 Patches 24 Vulnerabilities Security Week 07/24/24
• CrowdStrike Explains Why Bad Update Was Not Properly Tested Security Week 07/24/24
• Most Airlines Except One Are Recovering From the CrowdStrike Tech Outage. The Feds Have Noticed Security Week 07/23/24
• KnowBe4 Hires Fake North Korean IT Worker, Catches New Employee Planting Malware  Security Week 07/23/24

• How to Handle Rogue APs (Without getting arrested) Security Uncorked 07/10/23
• My Return to Techno Security Conference Security Uncorked 06/02/23
• Lynyrd Skynyrd Answers “Who Should Create an Org’s BYOD Policy?” Security Uncorked 04/11/23
• Behind the Scenes – Teaching “Secure Wi-Fi Design Special Edition” at WLPC Phoenix Security Uncorked 04/10/23
• How and Why to Upgrade to the Latest Wi-Fi Security [Video] Security Uncorked 03/22/23
• Ask JJX: What About the KeePass Vulnerability? Security Uncorked 03/13/23
• Ask JJX: Can ChatGPT Teach Me Wireless Security? Security Uncorked 01/12/23
• Planning Wireless Design Inputs and Outputs for Your Network Security Uncorked 08/09/22
• WiFi Security: WPA2 vs. WPA3 Security Uncorked 08/03/22
• WiFi Security: The 3 Types of WiFi Networks Security Uncorked 07/25/22

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