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InfoSec News Network Tracked Sources

CNet News Security & Privacy (Checked 8:00 AM EDT)

Security Week (Checked 8:00 AM EDT)

• Oracle Patches 230 Vulnerabilities With April 2024 CPU
• Exploitation of Palo Alto Firewall Vulnerability Picking Up After PoC Release
• Virtual Event Tomorrow: Ransomware Resilience & Recovery Summit 
• Critical PuTTY Vulnerability Allows Secret Key Recovery
• Cryptojacker Arrested, Charged for Defrauding Cloud Providers of $3.5 Million
• Cloud Users Warned of Data Exposure Risk From Command-Line Tools
• Hacker Conversations: Kevin O’Connor, From Childhood Hacker to NSA Operative
• Ransomware Group Starts Leaking Data Allegedly Stolen From Change Healthcare

Schneier on Security (Checked 8:00 AM EDT)

SANS Forensics (Checked 8:00 AM EDT)

SANS Reading List (Checked 8:00 AM EDT)

Security Uncorked (Checked 8:00 AM EDT)

• How to Handle Rogue APs (Without getting arrested)
• My Return to Techno Security Conference
• Lynyrd Skynyrd Answers “Who Should Create an Org’s BYOD Policy?”
• Behind the Scenes – Teaching “Secure Wi-Fi Design Special Edition” at WLPC Phoenix
• How and Why to Upgrade to the Latest Wi-Fi Security [Video]
• Ask JJX: What About the KeePass Vulnerability?
• Ask JJX: Can ChatGPT Teach Me Wireless Security?
• Planning Wireless Design Inputs and Outputs for Your Network

PenTestIT (Checked 8:00 AM EDT)

Search Security (Checked 8:00 AM EDT)

Internet Crime Complaint Center (Checked 8:00 AM EDT)

The Ethical Hacker Network (Checked 8:00 AM EDT)

PRWeb Computer Security (Checked 8:00 AM EDT)

Hack In The Box (Checked 8:00 AM EDT)

Cloud Computing (Checked 8:00 AM EDT)

Dark Reading (Checked 8:00 AM EDT)

Linux Security (Checked 8:00 AM EDT)

Linux Security - Red Hat Linux Advisories (Checked 8:00 AM EDT)

InfoSec News (Checked 8:00 AM EDT)

Reddit InfoSec News (Checked 8:00 AM EDT)

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